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Quarry Blasting

Our team of experienced highly trained professionals are capable of handling the most challenging of quarry environments. Our technical department can offer a full range of quarry planning services:

  • New ramp design

  • Stockpile volume calculation

  • Full quarry 3D modeling

  • Fragmentation analysis

  • Town hall meetings and neighbor relations


We take great pride in our unparalleled safety record. Which is in no small part due to our emphasis on training. 

Our blasters have the latest  industry technology at their disposal from electronic detonators to laser profilers. All of our blasts are probed for hole deviation, 3D laser profiled, and modeled before the blast.  This helps improve safety, vibration, air blast, fragmentation, and overall dig ability. After a blast the videotape and seismograph records are closely reviewed for any possible improvements to our blast design. 

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